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In her counselling practice, Susan holds a warm, caring and down to earth space for individuals, couples, families, children and teenagers to express what they are feeling and work through any roadblocks that may be getting in the way of living their full potential.

Susan offers online counselling sessions wordwide via Zoom, which means that distance is not an obstacle and you are able to have a session in the privacy of your own home.

She also offers face-to-face sessions from her Lismore clinic in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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About Susan

Susan has always had a great love of people and throughout her life she had found herself being a sounding board for friends, workmates and family whenever they had issues, problems or difficulty communicating with others. Over 50 years of working in many varied businesses, Susan became the go to person, and ended up unofficially counselling many who were not coping with life in general.

Susan’s practical and down to earth approach comes from her own life experiences and in the past few years was beginning to see an increase in anxiety, lack of self-worth, relationship problems, parenting issues, job dissatisfaction to name a few of the problems facing society and this prompted her to complete a Diploma in Counselling to develop her skills to support others.

Susan has a natural ability to support clients to build self-awareness, develop a capacity for self-examination, fostering understanding and insight to their own qualities and strengths.

Each client is an expert of their own life and by being open, willing and honest, counselling can offer practical tools to bring positive and lasting change to any situation, issue or concern they are dealing with in life.

‘Everyone has the innate ability to draw from within, the answer to all their problems.’ ~ Susan Evans

Client testimonials

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“Susan is the real deal! She is extremely easy to talk to which is so refreshing. I felt heard, supported and truly looked after in each of our sessions during a very distressing period of a relationship break up.

Susan is delicate, patient, unjudgemental, very practical and wise and offers real-life support and guidance that makes sense.”

  • A
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“During our therapy, Susan held my partner and me so respectfully, yet guided us through some of the challenges we experienced in a way that allowed us constantly to be the ones that had the realisations and solutions which moved us beyond the roadblocks we experienced in our relationship.”

  • A & K
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“I found Susan very easy to open up to and discuss my relationship issues with.

Having always been in relationships with men finding myself falling in love with a woman although it felt very natural, at the same time it didn’t feel right. And it was the not feeling right that nearly did me in at that time.

With Susan’s support and her exceptional ability to break things down into manageable bite size pieces, supported me immensely to work through the stigma I felt around same sex relationships.

So much so that I now find myself enjoying the truest relationship I have ever experienced and embracing more and more each day what this relationship offers us both in return.

Thank you, Susan for your unrelenting patience, understanding and endless support in walking me through each step.”

  • 59 year old Female, Uralba NSW
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“Susan’s steady, solid, unwavering love for people speaks volumes. Whether it be for work, study, relationships or family related matters Susan has a way of unravelling whatever is in the way with an incredible ease. What starts out with a simple chat about what’s going on, leads to some of the most insightful realisations and clarity. Susan is always a delight to be with and her strength, focus and immense wisdom and love is like a breath of fresh air.”

  • Vicky Scott, 47, Financial Accountant
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“Susan has provided me with many counselling sessions that have offered a steady, practical approach to any work related issues, relationship issues or difficulties I may be facing. She has a very healing manner about her and you know you can trust her absolutely.”

  • Carmen

How to Book

Susan offers 30 minute or 60 minute sessions either online via zoom or face-to-face from her Lismore clinic.

Early morning and evening hours are available upon request.

To book a session or if you have any other enquiries, please fill out the form or call 0409 727 691

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