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“Susan is the real deal! She is extremely easy to talk to which is so refreshing. I felt heard, supported and truly looked after in each of our sessions during a very distressing period of a relationship break up.

Susan is delicate, patient, unjudgemental, very practical and wise and offers real-life support and guidance that makes sense.”

  • A
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“From the moment you meet Susan she makes you feel totally at ease and comfortable, to chat with her about everything and anything. She is very down to earth and practical in her lived experience of how to tackle life’s challenges.

Her easy-going approach and great sense of humour help ‘unpack’ and make simple the so-called dilemmas of our lives. Susan offers great depth and insight in her sessions offering different angles of seeing challenging situations.”

  • Thomas
    Building Company Managing Director
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“Susan’s steady, solid, unwavering love for people speaks volumes. Whether it be for work, study, relationships or family related matters Susan has a way of unravelling whatever is in the way with an incredible ease.

What starts out with a simple chat about what’s going on, leads to some of the most insightful realisations and clarity.

Susan is always a delight to be with and her strength, focus and immense wisdom and love is like a breath of fresh air.”

  • Vicky Scott, 47, Financial Accountant
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“During our therapy, Susan held my partner and me so respectfully, yet guided us through some of the challenges we experienced in a way that allowed us constantly to be the ones that had the realisations and solutions which moved us beyond the roadblocks we experienced in our relationship.”

  • A & K
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“When my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness I sought counselling, as I was experiencing a lot of different emotions and fear of what would lie ahead. I found the sessions with Susan very supportive with her gentle approach, steadiness and understanding of what I was going through. Susan listened to me and offered practical tools that helped me get through day to day. After my husband passed away, Susan supported me with the grieving process and was able to regain a sense of how I could move forward in life without him.”

  • CR
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“Susan is a delight. She makes any situation you need support with, simple and practical.

Her counsel has supported me in dealing with my anxiety and depression, and finding confidence to not only live well and healthily, but to enjoy life and open up my heart.

Susan has a very healing manner about her and you know you can trust her absolutely.”

  • Carmen
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“When I experienced the death of a family member through traumatic circumstances I needed support to get through it. I was in shock and could not understand why it had happened and my grief was insurmountable. Susan was the one steady influence in my life as all others around me were in turmoil as well. Susan listened with understanding and supported me as I went through all stages of grief, until eventually I was able to come back to some sense of a normal life. Having counselling during these times is highly recommended and Susan was as solid as a rock and a great help.”

  • AC Handyman Services
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“I found Susan very easy to open up to and discuss my relationship issues with.

Having always been in relationships with men finding myself falling in love with a woman although it felt very natural, at the same time it didn’t feel right. And it was the not feeling right that nearly did me in at that time.

With Susan’s support and her exceptional ability to break things down into manageable bite size pieces, supported me immensely to work through the stigma I felt around same sex relationships.

So much so that I now find myself enjoying the truest relationship I have ever experienced and embracing more and more each day what this relationship offers us both in return.

Thank you, Susan for your unrelenting patience, understanding and endless support in walking me through each step.”

  • 59 year old Female, Uralba NSW
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“Susan is a practical, down-to-earth and hugely warm counsellor – an absolute God-send for those seeking a harmonious way forward in any relationship.

We contacted Susan to assist us in finding ways forward to reconcile a deteriorating relationship with our estranged son. At every meeting, Susan bought her all to the situation, without bias, helping all of us to reach helpful realisations about our situation and navigate what steps would be required next for each of us to be in harmony with each other. Susan is non-imposing, thorough, and not much escapes her astute eye – she has a beautiful informality and transparency that naturally puts people at ease so that they can bring their true selves to the table.

We highly recommend her services for adult/child counselling and especially if you’ve tried a few counsellors but are not feeling the authenticity.”

  • Fiona & Rob

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Online counselling sessions

Susan offers online counselling services wordwide via Zoom. This is highly supportive for those with busy schedules and people often share that they love having the opportunity to have a session in their home environment.

Early morning, evening and weekend spots are available for those who work full time.

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