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Being diagnosed with a terminal or serious illness can be quite a shock for the person themselves, their family members, friends and carers. Many emotions may be experienced such as fear, anger, resentment, denial, helplessness, sadness, anxiety and sometimes relief.

Not knowing what lies ahead and how it is likely to affect day to day life, can be very overwhelming for anyone. Not knowing whether or not they will be able to work, pay the mortgage, how their children will take the news, how their partner would be able to cope? . . . are some of the many thoughts that can arise.

It is important to take one step at a time and not have any pictures to dictate how it is going to be as everything can change at any moment.

Susan has first-hand experience, living with and supporting those with a terminal illness. In her unimposing and deeply nurturing way, Susan provides loving and caring support to everyone involved and can offer ways to reach acceptance, which is the first step to healing, and how to transition through the practicalities required, with grace and dignity, in a harmonious way.

Susan's journey with cancer

Susan was faced with a Stage 4 terminal illness diagnosis some years ago and from her own experience understands how devastating and shocking the initial diagnosis can be, not only for oneself but for family and friends around you:

“There are many emotions that come up and much reflection on a life lived. My own journey with cancer will be different from others, but what I found was that I came to an acceptance and embraced what was ahead, combining medicial treatments and medications with many lifestyle changes. I developed a deeper level of self-care for the body which I still practise to this day. Sometimes talking and sharing with someone who has had a similar experience can support immensely. There are practicalities to deal with that can be overwhelming at times, with a terminal diagnosis and I can help navigate what is required with understanding, care, with an ease and flow to support those around you to take what steps are necessary. It is during these times that learning to ask for help can make the difference to be able to surrender to true inner healing, allowing yourself to be fully supported. We cannot do this alone.”

Client Testimonial

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“When my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness I sought counselling, as I was experiencing a lot of different emotions and fear of what would lie ahead. I found the sessions with Susan very supportive with her gentle approach, steadiness and understanding of what I was going through. Susan listened to me and offered practical tools that helped me get through day to day. After my husband passed away, Susan supported me with the grieving process and was able to regain a sense of how I could move forward in life without him.”

~ CR

How to Book

Susan offers 30 minute or 60 minute counselling sessions online via zoom or face-to-face from her Lismore clinic.

Early morning and evening hours are available upon request.

To book a session or if you have any other enquiries, please fill out the form or call 0409 727 691

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