About Susan Evans

Susan has lived and worked in the community for 50 years and it is her love of people that brought her to counselling. She has worked across a broad range of different areas and has worked with people from all walks of life (and all ages) including different cultures, diverse backgrounds and those with special needs.

Her natural ability, practicality and wisdom to support those she worked with in her role as a Manager for much of her life is where she draws her wealth of experience.

Susan recognises the essence of each individual in a way that allows them to see that they have the inner qualities and strengths that they can draw on to resolve anything that comes their way.

Susan offers a professional, steady, solid and understanding presence that holds individuals, couples and groups in a space that is caring, with no judgement or expectations.

Specialises in

  • Workplace Issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Terminal Illness
  • Cancer Counselling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Teenagers
  • Domestic Violence


  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of Advanced Management
  • Diploma of Frontline Management
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